April 19, 2014

Android Apps for Mobile Cloud Computing

For a layman, cloud computing might imply using web-based services, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. However, in reality cloud computing means that one’s computer resources (such as, one’s desktop) and applications become integrated into a cohesive resource.  Through cloud computing, a user can have access to the same data, applications and services from any [...]

6% Percent of Free Android Apps Hide Intrusive Adware – MIT Technology Review

As mobile computers have become more common, criminals have begun to explore ways to profit from exploiting them. However, figures released today by mobile security company Lookout indicate that people are more likely to fall victim to what it calls “adware” than classic criminal malware. Lookout sampled 200,000 apps to conclude that 6.5 percent of [...]

Educational Android Apps for Kids – Best Android Apps

Does your child play games on your phone? Game apps may keep him busy in the doctor’s waiting room, but what does he learn from them? Not much, for the most part. We gathered 30 of our favorite educational apps for Android phones into one handy list. Here are some Educational Android Apps for Kids: All [...]

Make your Android phone smarter in 5 minutes

One benefit of Android phones is the ability for users and apps to access the phone’s sensors and controls to make things automatically happen. Apps to help with this automation can be complex and intimidating. Often when comparing Android and iOS, folks will point out that Android phones are more customizable. They don’t just mean [...]

Android Platform – The Most Preferred

Android is open source platform and provides all information and services to all sans any license fees. It has capacity of getting compatible with almost all browsers hence you can make it compatible with any browser. Competition between mobile developers is increasing due to new versions of mobile platforms developed in the market. No doubt [...]

Blogging Apps for Android Smartphone

Advent of smartphones has made many spheres of life easy. From online shopping, to banking, handling daily chores all can be done from a touch on your cell phone screen. Supporting fast internet speed, modern browsers, high definition cameras and robust apps smartphones has changed the blogging business revolutionary. Now bloggers don’t have to sit [...]

Android Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie: More treats from Google are on the way

While Android users are still busy getting their hands dirty with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, that is currently used only in 1% of all Android devices, Google is again ready for an upgrade. Yes, from updated sources its known that the next version of Android OS after Ice Cream Sandwich will be nicknamed [...]

Cloud-based video editing app for Android smartphones

As smartphone camera sensors have improved dramatically over the past few years, more and more apps have addressed our needs to modify, collect and share our photos. Take for instance Instagram’s recent success (and by success I’m stitching together both the mass adoption of the photo network as well as the sum for which it [...]